Encourage :: John Burke

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Sunday, August 13th


God is for us—not against us, and He wants us to be for each other, not tearing each other down. We all want this kind of encouraging environment, but it takes effort to create and sustain it. How should we be encouraging and building up the people around us as God intended?

Work through the following Scriptures and questions on your own, and get together with your running partner, Life Group, or friends and family to talk through what you are learning!


  1. What stood out / intrigued you from this message?
  2. Can you relate to what you heard in the message? Has this same idea / challenge come up in your life before, or is it new?
  3. How does what you heard affect your life right now (maybe it speaks to something you are going through, struggling with, looking into, etc.)?
  4. What challenged you?
  5. What is your next step to apply what you heard?
  6. Is there someone you feel prompted to share with about what you’ve learned from the message?


Go to

Look through the spiritual outcomes at the bottom of the page, and choose which one to work through that you believe will help you dig deeper specifically into the ideas of the message.

Discuss what you’re learning with your Life Group & / or friends.