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Sunday, August 6th

God allows us to be His partners in helping people find life and freedom in Christ. He often does this through the Church, but churches are made up of imperfect people, and people tend to be both a church’s greatest asset and greatest liability. How do we build others up when we so often need to be built up ourselves?

Work through the following Scriptures and questions on your own, and get together with your running partner, Life Group, or friends and family to talk through what you are learning!



1. What initially led you to Gateway? Do you feel like it was easier at the start to serve or be served?

2. As Christ-followers, we know that church is about serving God and others, but sometimes we want to make it about ourselves and our needs and preferences. How can we maintain an attitude of humility in order to keep our eyes on Jesus and others and off ourselves?

3. Read Hebrews 2:10-11. Jesus calls us to be His brothers and sisters, which means that we are all brothers and sisters in the Church. How easy or difficult is it for you to enter into spiritual relationships with others to ensure that none of us stands alone?

4. John described the church as a hospital for those who need healing, not a country club for the saints. The church is a place with hurting people helping other hurting people. What are some ways that others might experience healing in the present as a result of the hurts of your past?

5. Read Matthew 9:36-38. Where do you see opportunities in our world where there is a desperate need for more workers? Are there ways that you can be a part of supporting that work, even if it’s far from where you live?

6. Have you been on the sidelines, or do you know someone who has been on the sidelines, reluctant to actively participate in God’s mission through Gateway (or another church)? What would it take for you (or that person) to get off the sidelines? What will you do (or encourage that person to do) this month to move from spectator to becoming actively involved?


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Discuss what you’re learning from the outcome with your life group and/or friends.