The Interview
by Gateway Church

Seek out someone who has been actively following Christ for at least 10 years longer than you have, looking perhaps for someone who seems different from you on the surface. You might think of your own family members, your friends’ families, people met while serving the community, or neighbors/colleagues who you know are Christians. This person may actually be younger than you are (i.e. if you came to faith later in life, it may be interesting to find someone in their 30s who has been actively following Christ since childhood), but will typically be older than you. Offer to buy this person a cup of coffee and ask them to share how they came to know Christ and talk about other milestones in their faith journey. How has this person weathered storms? What do they hope for the future? What practical/daily disciplines have helped sustain their faith during ups & downs? What advice would they give to someone in your shoes?