The Demon’s Letter to You
by Gateway Church

C.S. Lewis writes a fabulous book called "The Screwtape Letters" where a senior demon named Screwtape writes to his nephew Wormwood with advice on how to trip up Christians. It is a powerful book to consider reading.

For this exercise you will write your own personalized Screwtape letter on the best way for Satan & his demons to trip you up & take you out.

Here's an example...

Dear Wormwood,

Keep Joe focusing on all the ways God is blessing others. Keep him blind to all the ways God has blessed him & shown up for him. This will keep him discontent and distrusting God's goodness & good intentions toward him. Keep him obsessed with the approval of others instead of the truth of how God sees him. Distract him and keep him busy with all the good things he should be doing so that he never has time for his family and especially time with God. If He doesn't spend time with God or experience His personal love, his relationship with God will eventually end up feeling like an obligation rather than an intimate friendship. Help him be obsessed with accumulating stuff so that he is never ever satisfied.

These tactics will be super effective in tripping Joe up.

Devilishly scheming, Screwtape

Using the letter above as an example, write a letter to yourself that the demon Screwtape might write to Wormwood about making sure you stay stuck. What would the letter contain as he tries to attack your greatest vulnerabilities in your commitment to follow Jesus.