Spiritual Food Diary
by Gateway Church

Much like a nutritionist might ask you to keep a list of the foods you eat, spend the next several weeks keeping a spiritual food diary. Each day, note what sources you consumed -- such as listening to sermons (in person or via podcasts), reading books (list titles), reading Scripture (list which passages), referring to reference material, and talking to other Christ-followers. The following is a list of topics to journal about after you have done this for a few weeks.

Did you encounter enough truth to sustain you and help you grow closer to God? Why or why not?

How could you, in community with fellow Christ-followers, expand your spiritual diet?

Categorize each item in one of these ways
(mimicking the ways children grow from eating milk to preparing their own solid food):

Drinking a liquid diet
Information that someone else "pre-chewed" and you swallowed, perhaps without thinking too critically.

Eating a prepared meal
Areas where you feel dependent on others for explanation (i.e. sermons outlining particular passages of Scripture). Warming up a frozen entree Finding truth or encouragement in a quick nugget, especially during a busy time of life.

Preparing your own nutritious dinner
Engaging Scripture on your own, using reference material like you'd use a cookbook, and really feeling that you met God in your study.

If your spiritual diet has stalled in the liquid & prepared stages, what practical steps can you take to grow in this area? If your diet comes primarily from quick nuggets of truth, what can you do to slow down and approach Scripture on your own? In what areas do you lack knowledge, wisdom, or discernment to feed on God's word without help? How might fellow Christ-followers be helpful in those areas?