by Gateway Church

The entire arc of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, puts God’s plan on display. God is neither aloof nor uninvolved. Scripture reveals a sophisticated but simple plan that begins with the Garden of Eden, crescendos to the cross of Christ, and culminates in the New Jerusalem. Unbeknown to many, but clearly revealed in Scripture, God is creating the very world for which we long that will one day be inhabited by the very people we long to be. This powerful act of redemption, being worked out in and through the ages, is creating an experience far greater than the Garden of Eden. God has been, and continues to be, at work. Which leads to a critical question. Will I join God in his work? It’s not uncommon to answer this question positively. “Yes, I’ll join God in his work. I’ll make a difference.” But verbal affirmation and actual follow through are two different things. Truly engaging the body of Christ, truly engaging the needs around us takes sacrifice and is at times both messy and tiresome.