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God Love Single People

I Heart Sex :: God Loves Single People

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Sexual desire flows out of our identity as eternal beings. It’s a function of our craving to not be alone. We live in a media-saturated society that tells us that sexual arousal will take away that loneliness, but if we’re really honest with ourselves, we know that sex or romance doesn’t ultimately solve anything. Jesus, in our main passage from John 4 today, tells us that He wants us to let Him into this part of our lives, that He wants to hear our heart on this and that He wants us to understand His heart towards our sexuality.

This week’s Next Steps are primarily focused towards Singles, as last week’s were towards married couples. Use these questions to have a conversation with God about sex and consider discussing with a close, trusted friend what you’re learning. For Marrieds, as you reflect on the message, consider the question, “Am I seeking to satisfy my need to not feel alone through my spouse or through God?”

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